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Etesian in the news

2016-06-07 Etesian introduces its new Bluetooth based anemometer. Bluetooth enables the sensor to communicate directly with any smartphone, eliminating the need for a dedicated display.  Put the power of a modern smartphone to use simplifies the wireless anemometer system and reduces costs.

Etesian chosen by Terex Corporation to be OEM supplier - BreezeSonic

Etesian chosen by Tadano Mantis to be OEM supplier - breeze wireless anemometer with CANbus option

2012-10-22 Wm Stein (etesian founder) presents "Measuring Winds for Safe AWP Operation"

2012-02-28 - Etesian Technologies Adds Hand-Held Display for its Wireless Wind Sensor

2011-10-18 Wm Stein (etesian founder) presents "Measuring Winds for Safe Crane Operation"

2011-07-22 - Etesian Tech Adds Integrated Alarm to Anemometer

2011-07-07 - Etesian Technologies Introduce a New Swivel Mount

2010-11-09   A similar article appeared in World Construction and Crane Hot Line

2010-11-04  Etesian Tech Markets Self-Powered Wind Sensor to the Crane Industry

2010-09-01  In the marine space we got listed in the “Top 10 gear” category in Soundings Magazine.

2009-04-09 And the founder got a mention from his former employer - University of Massachusetts.

2006-09-01 our very first mention back in 2006, in Sensors.

2013-07-03  Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013:

BreezeSonic, made by Etesian Technologies, is a self-powered alarm anemometer.  It's powered by an internal self-contained generator, so that the unit never needs batteries or wires.  If the wind is blowing and exceeds the alarm setting, a piercing 3.6 KHz, 90 dB audible alarm warns of unsafe conditions.  The internal generator provides all necessary power.  BreezeSonic is designed specifically for use on aerial lift work platforms and other wind sensitive structures to reduce the risk of accidents, property damage, and personal injury.  Judge's comment: Simple, effective, and will save lives.  This should be standard on all high-lift equipment.