Permanent Crane Wind Gauge Kit

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101 Self-Powered Sensor

Readout antenna with 10 foot cable

201 Readout


Sensor Swivel Mount

Power Cord

Dual Ball 201 Any-Angle mount

For permanent crane installations.  The 101 sensor paired with the 201 readout provides reception up to 600 feet.  The sensor is self-powered and requires no batteries for operation.  At 5 MPH it is "on the air" broadcasting new data every second.  If you require multiple readouts you just add them.  There can be as many "listeners" as needed.  A swivel mount for the sensor keeps it vertical at all crane boom angles.  For esy viewing of the readout a dual ball mount allows positioning of the display at any angle.

Portable Crane Wind Meter Kit

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BBT Self-Powered Bluetooth Sensor


Free iPhone app !

Free Android app !

Combine your smartphone with our new Bluetooth LE sensor and you have a portable and low cost wind monitoring system.  The sensor still utilizes our patented self-powered principal.  Never a battery to charge or replace.  Operation begins at 5 MPH and data updates every 3 seconds.  No traditional Bluetooth "paring" is required and and unlimited number of smartphone can simultaneously receive data from the wind sensor.  

Requires iPhone 4s or newer or Android 4.3 or newer operating on Bluetooth 4.x LE compatible phone.

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