Fountain control anemometer components

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For fountain control installations.  The 101 sensor paired with the 201 readout provides reception up to 300 feet.  Greater distances are available upon request, using a high gain directional antenna at the sensor or controller. The sensor is self-powered and requires no batteries for operation.  At 5 MPH it is "on the air" broadcasting new data every second.  The 201 base unit is outfitted with either relay contacts (N.O., dry contacts rated 24 volt, 1/2 amp) for signalling the fountain pump controller, or the base unit is outfitted with an analog voltage output, 0 to 3 volts representing 0 to 30 MPH.  This voltage may be used to signal a VFD for variable speed pump operation.

101 wireless self-powered anemometer

201 base unit with voltage output or relay contacts output

201 base unit antenna

Cabinet antenna mount



Coaxial Antenna Cable

12 Volt Wall Transformer